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"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life." 

We hope for life to slow down a little and to see the good in appreciating the small things in life. Like the different shapes of trees along the road, the wildflowers on the sidewalks and the stalk of flower in your vase. 

Make a Leafing specialise in Korean-style flower arrangements.


(You may ask 'what is a Korean-style flower arrangement'? Korean-style flower arranging emphasises on simplicity and focuses on using space to create the harmony of lines. E.g. the deliberate space in between each flowers and branchlets. This gives a sense of delicacy and airiness in the arrangement, leaving an overall natural and elegant look. Bouquets are typically wrapped front facing using thick kraft paper and/or non woven paper, layered with folds that best complement the flower arrangement.) 


Our weekly bouquet is priced at $69, inclusive of delivery. 

Besides flower bouquets, we also provide floral styling services for events

as well as flower workshops. 

Browse through our past works below and feel free to drop us a message to customise your order. :)

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