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Weekly flower story

“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 

For us, it's probably the time we wasted weekly at the flower market that makes our weekly bouquet special.


Flower shopping can be both therapeutic and stressful, especially since our local market is largely dependent on overseas imports. There may be days where we see a relatively empty flower cold room due to delay in shipments (stress). And some good days where we see a super filled cold room which leave us somewhat spoilt for choice (happy problem, not complaining).


Here, we highlight some of the flowers in our weekly bouquet. Sharing with you a little more about them.


For this week's bouquet, we have the following mix: ​

Kenya rose


Pepper tree leaves

Amaranthus yearning

Thlaspi green bell

Chrysanthemum cushion spray



Also known as the ping-pong chrysanthemum because of its appearance. It has the shape of a ping-pong ball with all the petals neatly arranged with distinct layers and combined into a spherical shape. 

Originated from Japan, pompom comes in various colours: yellow, green, white, red and purple. The chosen ones in our weekly flowers are in pale pink, to give the bouquet a more muted colour tone. 


Standard rose

Roses, one of the most popular cut flowers in the world. Many may like it for its shape, wide variety of colours and even smell. There are over 150 species of roses and thousands of hybrids. The chosen one for this week is the standard rose, in the light champagne yellow. 

Imported from Kenya, the rose has a pale shade of yellow at the outer petals, and gradient into darker shade of champagne in the inner petals. 


Pepper tree leaves

This cut foliage comes from the pepper tree, also known as Schinus Molle Tree, an aromatic tree found in southern California. 

It has long compound leaves have storage cells that contain a volatile oil and emits a peppery fragrance (reason why we picked this for our weekly bouquet!). 

When broken (either the branch/leaf), white latex sap can be seen dripping out from the cut surface. Avoid contact with the latex sap as it is sticky when touched and hard to wash off. 

When used in bouquet, it will gives a wild and rustic touch to the arrangement.


Amaranthus yearning

Also known as the 'desert yearning', it is part of the Amaranthus family. 

The white unique flower typically helps bring an interesting texture to the arrangement. 

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