Weekly flower story

“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 

For us, it's probably the time we wasted weekly at the flower market that makes our weekly bouquet special.


Flower shopping can be both therapeutic and stressful, especially since our local market is largely dependent on overseas imports. There may be days where we see a relatively empty flower cold room due to delay in shipments (stress). And some good days where we see a super filled cold room which leave us somewhat spoilt for choice (happy problem, not complaining).


Here, we highlight some of the flowers in our weekly bouquet. Sharing with you a little more about them.


For this week's bouquet, we have the following mix: ​




Chinese delphinium

Thlaspi green bell


Chrysanthemum cushion spray​



Also known as ping-pong chrysanthemum because of its appearance. It has the shape of a ping-pong ball with all the petals neatly arranged with distinct layers combined into a spherical shape.

Originated from Japan, pompom comes in various colours: yellow, green, white, red and purple. This week, we have chosen the ones in lime green, a refreshing and uplifting colour. 


Thlaspi Green Bell

Originated from Netherlands, Thlaspi Green Bell is a delicate foliage that has many small rounded flattened seedpods growing on each of its stems.

Its light and airy look makes it a perfect foliage for arrangements to create a wild and natural look or gives a country garden feel.



Eustoma is one of the most popular cut flowers because of their availability all-year round. They come in wide varieties of colours - ranging from pure white, cream, yellow, pink, burgundy, lilacs, lavender-blue, purple, lime-green and many bi-colours of the mentioned.

They have large and showy bell-shaped flowers in either single or double-petal varieties. 

What we have in this week's flowers are the double-petal ones which are often mistaken as roses. Each single stem comes with multiple blooms and are in varied heights. Eustoma is a good filler flower which helps to add volume to an arrangement. 



Also featured in our last week's flowers selection but in a different colour. This week, we have picked the ones in bright red, with yellow center. 


A seasonal flower which is native to China, they typically grow in countries with cool weather. Available in wide array of shades including white, pink, red, blue, purple and yellow. However, the more common colours seen in our local market are in white, pink, purple and red. 

Similar to Eustoma, the aster flower also has multiple blooms growing in a single stem. 



There are many different types of Delphinium flowers. The more common ones in our local market are those with tall and thick stems, surrounded with full and delicate clusters of flowers around its stem. 

The chosen type of Delphinium in our this week's flower selection belongs to the grandiflorium group, also known as the Chinese Delphinium.

The flowers are free-branching and tend to grow loosely, instead of being tightly bunched together. Available in sky blue, deep blue, white and pink. To add colour contrast to the arrangement, we have the blue Delphinium in our bouquet.