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Weekly flower story

"If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden." - Claudia Adrienne Grandi

This week, we decided to put a temporary halt to our weekly bouquets to focus on our Valentine's day flower orders.

For our Valentine's day gift bundle, we have specially curated a fresh bouquet consisting of the following mix: 

  • Rose

  • Eustoma 

  • Alstroemeria

  • Carnation

  • Sweet pea



Roses have always been a classic and popular flower and especially during Valentine's day where it is often used to symbolise and express love. To create colour contrast, we included a mix of two types of roses - Paloma and white roses. 

Guess white roses need no introduction. They are often used at weddings, they represent purity, innocence and loyalty. 

As for Paloma roses, it has two colours - pink and cream. The inside of the rose is cream colour and it runs over to the pink colour at the edges of the rose petals, creating an interesting colour gradient. It is said to symbolise joy, trust and admiration. 

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-01 at 1.13.28 AM.jpeg


A perennial flower, alstroemeria is a great filler flower as it comes in many various colours - e.g. pink, white, yellow, orange, red, purple and has a relatively long vase life. 

The flowers are borne in clusters on top of its leafy stems and are attractively patterned and marked on the inside, creating an exotic and lily like appearance (which is why it has another name called the Peruvian lily).  

Its twisty leaves also help to give it an elegant and unique look, sometimes resembling a dancing leaf.


Sweet Pea & carnation

Sweet pea has very soft and delicate petals, often use as filler flowers in bouquet to add an extra touch of elegance. 

As for carnation, believe it is not a foreign flower to many. A popular flower especially during Mother's day. Also a good filler flower as it is typically available all year round and is available in many various colours. To complement the Paloma roses, we chose one that has a darker (slightly vintage) shade of pink. 



Also known as Lisianthus. It comes in varied flower forms (single or double) and colours (including bicolour) such as pink, lilac, dark purple cream, pale green and white.


The chosen ones for our V'day bouquet  are in coral shade (love the slightly muted, vintage shade). 


Often mistaken as roses. You can first try to differentiate them from their petals. Rose petals are very similar to each other while for Eustoma, each of its petals curves differently and are wide open, thus they looks softer. 

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